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Tablet PC

Posted time: 8/25/2011 2:11:00 PM | Poster: | Hit rate: 20365

Tablet PC: Nowadays, portable computer (Notebook/ Laptop) has been widely used. It has been used in the multimedia work. The development of the hard disk enlarge its storage space and make it more and more effective, but its demand of the capacity is getting smaller and smaller. And it's very portable. It might replace the desktop computer some day! After "revolutionary" and "separation" of the computer for a long time, although the portable computer is much smaller and thinner than the former ones, they still cannot jump out of the keyboards and hard drive storage, maximum up to the UMPC (ultra mobile PC) environment. And they should be carefully kept in case of any damage to the sector! Tablet PC (Tablet / iPad) is a derivative version of the portable computer. It's not only compact, but also easy for collection. After having the iPhone developed, the Apple technical staff apply the touch screen concept to their iPad, which broke the dull atmosphere among the desktop computers and notebooks. It does make the world crazy, as the best invention of modern times! As with Apple's iso and Google's android operating system, the Tablet PC eliminates unnecessary hardware and hard disk. It directly reduce the costs and power consumption. Meanwhile, the release from the keyboard and touch-screen operation greatly increase the flexibility and user-friendly function for the tablet PC. With 3G wireless Internet, tablet PC is very suitable for outdoor usage. You just need to move your finger, and then you can know about the latest news of the whole world. You can even take it as a smart phone -- use it even when you are walking (Please mind your personal safety when in this situation)! You can have entertainment everywhere you go. This tablet PC is the outstanding products of the era! We now introduce the three kinds of tablet PC, which are manufactured from large-scale factory, two of which are running on android 2.2 operating system, while another is running Windows7 Windows version. We will study on the hardware before we launch this new item. WatchCam: This portable WatchCam is a timelapsed digital camera appliance, which features portable memory storage up to 2GB on any standard USB Flash Drive. 6 predetermined (1 minute to 24 hours) time settings and 1 custom setting is available for the photo rate. Standard View and Macro View can be set for the lens. All photos are time and date stamped. Time Lapse photos are stored as high quality JPEG images in a single folder for easy playback and viewing as an AVI file. You can check a long shot of a record in a few minutes or around ten seconds. It can be widely used for home or company monitoring, school materials/ seasons changing filming, please refer to the link as follows:link